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Blue Tinsel is Here

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 Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to Blue Tinsel. We have officially opened our site. We do sell products internationally all over the world and we specialize in most things weddings. We here at Blue Tinsel decided to create a site that you can come to to get most things that you need without having to jump from place to place or site to site. When planning a wedding or any party it becomes really time consuming just trying to find all of the places to get everything you need. Oh and not to mention trying to match and find the same color scheme going to various sources. So why not make it easy by getting majority of the things you need in one place and keeping to the same color scheme? We still have more products coming to Blue Tinsel, but for now we still have a great selection. In our blogs to come we will be going over many topics so you will want to come back at a later date to read up. Be sure to take a good look around, check out our about us page as well as our St. Patrick's Day collection and let us know your thoughts. 

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