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Where has all the jewelry gone?

Posted by Blue Tinsel on

     Do you feel like Jewelry has disappeared? Have you noticed less of it lately? Are you reading articles in magazines telling you that jewelry is more alive than ever but not noticing it in the photos like I am?

     I really love and enjoy jewelry. I literally always wear at least one piece of jewelry, be it earrings, a necklace, ring, bracelet and so on and so forth. Well lately looking through my fashion magazines I am noticing less and less jewelry in the photographs. Some of the ads have nothing, not even studs or a ring. I get not wanting to wear a ton of jewelry or not wanting to wear heavy jewelry all the time, but something should always be worn. As I stated earlier it could be earrings or a bracelet or a ring or necklace, but one piece of jewelry should be worn. Jewelry can be dressed up or down, it can make or break an outfit at times. Jewelry and accessories can be paired with dresses or jeans. Some simple ways to come across more dressed up especially when running behind to work are by adding a nice bold statement necklace or earrings with some blush. Have you just had your nails done? Accent your hands with a nice ring. Are you wearing short sleeves or going sleeveless? Put a couple bangles on to accentuate your arms.

     When wearing statement pieces from the neck up; they look best with hair pulled up in a bun or out of your face in a nice braid. If you are wearing a statement item below the neck such as a bracelet or rings, they look best with a dressier top or dress that doesn’t have a lot of detail to it. When you are wearing Jeans or an everyday dress you want to wear a more simplistic bracelet and maybe a statement ring. Style is personal so feel free to mix and match to your personality, but just don’t forget about the jewelry.


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